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Stay healthy with us!Plastic Surgery and Healthcare.The Clinic of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Caraps Medline was established in 1998. It is one of the first private medical clinics in Georgia. Since 2001 theclinic has have a multi-profile status. Modern technologies and equipment, the full guarantee of safety, painless treatment, careful attitude towards each patient, and proper utilization of human and material resources determine the success of Caraps Medline’s operation in Georgia. Caraps Medline is a main education and clinical base of anesthesiology of the Tbilisi Medical University. It has three hospital and two general intensive care wards .Together with experienced specialists, young physicians have a chance to participate in the process of treatment, attend unique operations and get to know with new technologies. Mamology and Oncology: There is an opportunity of providing both therapeutic and surgical treatment to patients in our clinic.Plastic Surgery:We bring back, refashion and restore to wholeness the features that nature gave but chance destroyed.We offer:Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Face-lift, Endoscopic-lift, Brow-lift, Blepfaroplasty, Neck Lift, Lip augmentation, Lipoplasty of the face, Genioplasty, Malar and chin augmentation, Breast augmentation (iplans) or Reduction, Mastopexy, Abdomenoplasty, Torsoplasty, Buttocks augmentation, Liposuction-Lipofilling, Calf augmentation, Vaginoplasty, Labioplasty, Disport (Botox) injection, Fillers, Acquired and congenital defects reconstruction, Cleft lip and palate surgery (Smile Train), Breast reconstruction, Hand surgery.Traumatology:Almost all kinds of traumatology surgeries are undertaken in the clinic including: - Operational treatment of infected and non-infected artificial joints - Corrective surgery of post-trauma and congenital deformations of extremities- Operational treatment of post-trauma and gun-shot diaphisic deficiencies of long bones- Endo-Prosthesis of joints - Treatment of valgus deformation of foot-step’s big finger- Prolongation of extremities with divisive methods, shortening of extremities, prolongation of all four extremities (habitual to chondro-dystrophy)- Sport medicine, operational treatment of upper arm’s dislocations- all types of osteo-synthesisOphthalmology :The work of the ophthalmology section is entirely based on high-technologies. Advanced equipment of famous medical brands is at patient's disposal. Angological service is functioning at the Caraps Medline. Blood vessels diagnostics, prevention and treatment are offered to our patients.Gynaecology:The gynaecology service, which originally consisted of only ultrasound and gynaecology rooms has been extended and has a significant capacity of providing diagnostic services and treatment to all patients. Under leadership of Dr. Sergo Matitashvili, there is a gynecological team staffed by qualified obstetrician -gynecologists, gynecologist- reproductologists, and gynecologist-endocrinologists. The innovation is a gynaecological endoscopic surgery which is a minimally invasive surgery method. Dr. Vadim Khatiashvili is a surgeon who is mastered in doing this difficult operation with the Schtorz equipment. He is a pioneer of laparoscopic surgery in Georgia. This modern equipment enables to accomplish surgeries without any need of making a wide pelvic cutting. The surgery is done quickly, the duration of anaesthesia is minimal and the risk of trauma - very little. The advantage is that it is a less traumatic method and a patient is able to come back to usual activities in just 2-3 days. Laboratory servicesWe offer:

  • Advanced laboratory technologies 
  • Diagnostic test systems
  • shortest period for test results 
  • General clinical testing
  • Fermentation testing 

We also offer Diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis.Blood vessels surgery.Densitometry: Diagnosis of Osteoporosis, prevention and treatment of reumatological illnesses.Also:

  • Cosmetology 
  • Aesthetic cosmetology 
  • Facial skin cleaning (steam, ultrasound)
  • Pilling, masks
  • Chemical pilling
  • Massage, cosmetic, plastic, zhake, bio
  • Piercing, 
  • Natural cosmetics 
  • Make-up (daily, holiday)
  • Skin rejuvenation with unique Tibet sticks 
  • The effect of plastic surgery without surgical intervention
  • Smoothing of wrinkles with bio-resonance method, correction of eye oval, getting rid of excessive swelling, under skin fat (cellulites).
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