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 Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center - is a modern diagnostic laboratory, which is equipped by the latest generation of analyzers. Full automation of the diagnostic assay, computer operation, all the technological processes and unique Diagnostic methods, in accordance with the professional staff, is the result of a high quality and accuracy. • Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center can offer up to about 1000 types of diagnostic studies in such fields as biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Bacteriology, pathology, isoserology, coagulology, Allergology. • Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center uses World-famous and recognized brands in the automated medical analyzers. They include: Abbott, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Instrumentation Laboratory, Bayer Diagnostics, Dako, Spinreact, BPS Biosed, Radim and others. • In modern medicine 80% of diagnostic information is coming from diagnostic laboratory. Equipment manufactured from world leaders and reagent produced by global brands- is guarantee of precise results.Quality management system is based on standardization of  all laboratory studies of the principles of intralaboratory quality management and external quality evaluation. Their objective is the quality management system through which the creation of a reliable instrument will become easier in order to minimize the risk of error. Under the quality we mean planned and systematically carried out measures which are held to confirm that diagnostic information corresponding to a certain level of demand.Laboratory gets and provides to clinical worker high-quality, true and objective information. • Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center regularly participates in the internal and external quality control program of the laboratory and successfully passes an annual inspection, which confirms the high quality of work. • Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center became the first center in Georgia who established Immunohistochemical study method. To date, based on international standards, it is used in routine diagnostics. • Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center  represents one of the most important Pathology Diagnostic Center in  Georgia, where evaluation of breast tumors, lymphoproliferative disorders, endocrine, genitourinary system disorders, GI tract, Nervous system diseases is held using histochemical and imunohistochemical methods.• histopatologiuri diagnosis accuracy is significantly dependent on the quality of histological preparations, so the center of our motto – “from quality to excellence." • in the center of the Medical Scientific Diagnostic Center , as well as for the first time Georgia has been introduced in the food intolerant test, which is based on the level of IgG-determination skill in 221 food products.

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